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Thursday 27 June 2013

Weddings at The Old Hall, Cambridgeshire | Lucy & Stephen

Whilst driving to The Old Hall wedding of Lucy and Stephen I had one eye on the road and the other on the dark grey clouds that had the promised torrential downpour that the Met had forecast. Serious rain had been predicted at the exact time that the happy couple would be exchanging their vows, and was touted to last late into the afternoon at the least! Not a good sign!

Well, I am happy to announce that someone up there must love my couple very much....or more to the point, me! As it stayed dry all day, albeit quite a bit windy, which brings a different set of problems to overcome. The planned outdoor ceremony at the fabulous Old Hall near Ely was hastily re-arranged for inside just to be on the safe side and I can let you know that not one of the ladies hats or fascinators was whisked away by the strong wind.

Lucy looked stunning in her gown and I have to add that Stephen looked the part too. Very dapper in his chocolate brown morning suit. This was one classy wedding and the attention to detail was tip top. From the flowers to the hand made cookie favors every effort had been made to not only give a touch of elegance but a few little surprises too. All the kids that were there loved the sweet shop and I have no doubt that extra effort was needed come tooth brushing time!

Shooting this wedding at The Old Hall was another first for me and I must add that it was a dream to work at. Alex, the event manager and daughter of the owner, couldn't have looked after me any better and I will look forward to working there again in the near future.

Here are a few of the images that were taken including a few from Lucy and Stephen's Photobooth, which was great fun for all that took part. Please feel free to leave a message in the box at the end of the post and if you add your email address you will be entered into our free prize draw, details of which will be forwarded on in a couple of weeks.
 photo OldHallweddingcambridgetext044_zps8a6e0522.jpg
Old Hall wedding photography, Ely photo OldHallweddingcambridge001_zpsced1a6fd.jpg
Wedding photography at the Old Hall Cambridgeshire photo OldHallweddingcambridge004_zpsc879af50.jpg
Weddings at the Old Hall Cambridgeshire photo OldHallweddingcambridge010_zps41f2d805.jpg
Cambridge wedding photographer photo OldHallweddingcambridge011_zps885b66b3.jpg
Wedding photographer Cambridge photo OldHallweddingcambridge016_zps1e401630.jpg
Cambridge wedding photos photo OldHallweddingcambridge017_zps4a607fc9.jpg
Old Hall wedding photos photo OldHallweddingcambridge021_zpsc77fc3d2.jpg
Wedding photography at The Old Hall photo OldHallweddingcambridge025_zpsd5fcd009.jpg
The Old Hall weddings photo OldHallweddingcambridge028_zpsef434e50.jpg
Wedding photography Ely photo OldHallweddingcambridge042_zps100a88fa.jpg
Wedding photography at The Old Hall near Ely photo OldHallweddingcambridge030_zpsd8796cc4.jpg
The OId Hall weddings photo OldHallweddingcambridge034_zpsf058802c.jpg
Photography at The Old Hall, Cambridgeshire photo OldHallweddingcambridge037_zps21af69bb.jpg
The Old Hall wedding photographer photo OldHallweddingcambridge038_zps340e253a.jpg
Wedding photographer Ely photo OldHallweddingcambridge049_zpscfa08e7e.jpg
Ely wedding photography photo OldHallweddingcambridge052_zps7d7e59fd.jpg
Wedding photographer at The Old Hall photo OldHallweddingcambridge041_zps09dd4685.jpg
Ely wedding photographer photo OldHallweddingcambridge051copy_zps05c2f061.jpg
Cambridge wedding photography photo OldHallweddingcambridge059_zps96c4bdb7.jpg
Cambridge wedding photographer photo OldHallweddingcambridge055_zpsfab26391.jpg
wedding photographer in Cambridge photo OldHallweddingcambridge062_zps7e6e81be.jpg
Wedding photography in Cambridge photo OldHallweddingcambridge070_zpseb6b804d.jpg
Wedding photos cambridge photo OldHallweddingcambridge078_zps7c5c42ff.jpg
Wedding photos at The Old Hall, Cambridgeshire photo OldHallweddingcambridge079_zps2a78f2bf.jpg
The Old Hall weddings photo OldHallweddingcambridge082_zps7c28843a.jpg

A few images from Lucy and Stephen's Photobooth....

Weddings at The Old Hall by Phil Lynch photographer photo OldHallweddingcambridge083_zpse1a4a4ac.jpg
Wedding photography at The old Hall by Phil Lynch Photographer photo OldHallweddingcambridge099_zpsc3ad6ceb.jpg
The old Hall wedding photographer Phil Lynch photo OldHallweddingcambridge097_zpsa385049f.jpg
Superb wedding photography at The Old Hall photo OldHallweddingcambridge103_zpsff1046b9.jpg
Photobooth at The old Hall cambridge photo OldHallweddingcambridge104_zps9cef8f11.jpg
 photo OldHallweddingcambridge111_zpsc497ca59.jpg
Phil Lynch Cambridge wedding photographer photo OldHallweddingcambridge092_zps20d81bdc.jpg
Photobooth by Phil Lynch Photographer photo Harrington-Darling509_zps02d9d52e.jpg
Cambridge wedding photography by Phil Lynch Photographer photo OldHallweddingcambridge088_zpsec041d18.jpg