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Thursday 1 November 2012

Winter weddings at Fanhams Hall - Fanhams Hall weddings | Laura and Thor

Boy I really struggle to keep on top of blog posts. Looking back at my last entry you could be forgiven for thinking that I had retired (not that old yet :-)).

In an attempt to get back in the swing of blogging more of my work I am going to dive right in and post my last wedding that I shot at Fanhams Hall a couple of weeks ago. I think that Laura and Thor should be just about back from their honeymoon so this will be a nice little surprise for them. I have just bought a fantastic new blogging tool called Blogstomp that creates quick and easy blog layouts so I really have no more excuses.

The wedding day was gorgeous, considering it had been raining all week, but Thor had promised me that the weather was going to be perfect on their day. He is not named after the god of thunder for nothing (pronounced Tor really) because he was true to his word and we had clear skies and beautiful light. So, great light, a fabulous venue at Fanhams Hall and a stunning looking couple! What more could I ask for? The day was good to go and made even more enjoyable when it just so happened that I knew one of the ushers. Little Chris! Always good for a laugh and very helpful on the odd occasion that I needed a little help. Thanks Chris.

Anyway, back to Laura and Thor.....

They both were fantastic on the day and were really going with the flow as far as the photography was concerned, as I knew they would after recalling that they booked me specifically for (and these are Laura's words) ..."The drama and glamour that you have in your work!"  "Wow!" I remember thinking at the time. "This is definitely my kind of couple".

Without boring you senseless with any more waffle, as I am not the best word-smith around, here are a few images from the day. I hope that you like them and if you feel inclined, it would be lovely to have some feedback in the comments section below this post.



Weddings at Fanhams Hall 20, Off camera flash wedding portrait
Wedding at Fanhams Hall, Wedding dress
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 2, Wedding rings
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 3, Wedding make-up
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 4, Wedding dress fitting
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 5, Bride portrait
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 6, Groom portrait
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 7, Groomsmen portrait
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 8, Wedding ceremony
Couple wedding at Fanhams, Ceremony at Fanhams
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 10, Signing register
 Weddings at Fanhams Hall 11, Reportage of Bride and Groom
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 13, Wedding couple portrait
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 12, Wedding portrait
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 15, Wedding on bridge at Fanhams Hall
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 14, Wedding couple
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 16, Couple on Fanhams red bridge
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 17, Couple on wedding in Fanhams gardens
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 18, Fanhams hall background
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 19, Great Hall at Fanhams
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 26, Wedding speeches in Great Hall
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 27, Dancing in Great Hall
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 28, Great Hall Wedding
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 21, Portrait with off camera flash
Weddings at Fanhams Hall 23, Sunset wedding silhouette of couple at Fanhams Hall


  1. I LOVE these Phil- you are so talented, we are just so glad we booked you! Thank you! :)

  2. Thank you Laura but Kudos to you and Thor. You were both fantastic on the day and from my end, all I did was point the camera in your direction :-)

    I can't wait to start designing your album as there are so many great images.

  3. We are both so pleased with the photo's and how the day went. Thank you for all your hard work on the day!

  4. Thank you Thor. You were both stars. A beautiful wedding and I think your guests would say so too!

  5. Having flasbacks to a fantastic day, thank you for capturing such brilliant memories so well. We look forward to seeing the album and let us know when Thor and Laura have signed up to a model agency....!

  6. Amazing photos bringing back fond memories!