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Monday 13 May 2013

Madingly Hall wedding photography | Cambridge wedding | Yukie & Nick

This was my first visit to shoot a wedding at Madingly Hall in Cambridgeshire, and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. Madingly Hall is a wonderful looking building and the gardens are a joy to photograph in. The many nooks and cranies give a great variety to the couple portraits and a beautiful clear day brought out all the colour and contrast that I look for in my wedding photography.

Yukie and Nick were a dream to photograph and even came up with a few ideas of their own, which helped personalize their images. I thought Nick would be a nervous groom but he settled into his role with ease and was not really fazed by being the centre of attention in his part of a double act!

They had it all....champagne, glorious weather, beautiful venue, excited guests......and me to photograph it all (everyone else was booked up).

Here are a few images from Yukie and Nick's fantastic Madingly Hall wedding.

 photo MadinglyHallwedding032a_zpse161fb72.jpg
Madingly Hall is a superb venue for a wedding, especially on such a beautiful day.
 photo MadinglyHallwedding001_zps22b06e45.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding002_zps5af67fc8.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding003_zpsea69bd1d.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding006_zpsd09dfa32.jpg
I just love the expressions on this image of Yukie arriving with her father.
 photo MadinglyHallwedding009_zps2d957fb2.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding008_zps5be6b405.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding014_zps0c020b5d.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding016_zps1124830a.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding019_zpsd53de70d.jpg
The croquet seemed to go down very well and I think a few wagers were put down.
 photo MadinglyHallwedding026_zps03b39613.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding025_zps97dd5be2.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding028_zpse224fb5c.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding029_zps0a0eea1a.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding030_zps16a07882.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding036_zpsbe575df2.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding035_zpsc0083d1b.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding039_zpsebeeb0a8.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding043_zpsd45b353d.jpg
 photo MadinglyHallwedding046_zpsc16b6c21.jpg
I was fortunate to find time to squeeze in one of my famous 'sun-set silhouette' shots too.
 photo MadinglyHallwedding049_zps7fc5b0a8.jpg

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