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Thursday 6 February 2014

Hertfordshire wedding photography | Wedding Albums | Emma and Kris

I thought that I would post something a little different to what I normally show today! It is all very nice putting up what may be seen as some of my favourite images from a wedding day....but what do they look like when all put together as a gorgeous album. Below is a copy of the page layouts that went in Emma and Kris's album. They were married in a lavish ceremony at the Sculpture Gallery, Woburn Abbey in Beds. Emma was so cool to work with and was a bit of a show off in front of the camera, which suited my style of wedding photography a treat!

The first and last images below are the opening and last pages in the album. All following images are 2 page spreads (so imagine a line down the middle where the album closes). I have had to do the double page spreads slightly smaller so that they will fit side by side on the 800pxl wide space for my images. They still give you a great idea into how I design my albums with the aim on bringing the best out of my photography. The size of this album is 14"x11" and when I get a chance I will post an image of the outside cover that Emma and Kris chose.

 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer001_zps73db1b73.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer002_zps0aeecec1.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer003_zps2870df49.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer005_zpsb91a1321.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer006_zps28157c14.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer007_zpsb8dd3ab6.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer008_zps24a7b809.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer009_zpsab3ae210.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer010_zps89de9030.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer011_zpsedcb0096.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer012_zps01b3d5cb.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer013_zpsfd19133d.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer014_zps17859b42.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer015_zpse771c489.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer016_zps6d8c05fc.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer017_zps3fdeb72c.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer018_zpsa7f9239e.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer019_zps8f0ba1c0.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer020_zps25d548e9.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer021_zps3627d43c.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer022_zpse654780b.jpg
 photo WoburnAbbeyweddingphotography_PhilLynchPhotographer023_zpsfae22610.jpg

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