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Thursday 1 May 2014

Fanhams Hall weddings | Hertfordshire wedding photography | Kierra and David

March can be a glorious time of the year to get married and the recent wedding of Kierra and David was no exception. From the quaint little church of St Nicholas in Norton to the splendour of their Fanhams Hall reception this wedding really did tick all the boxes. And with gorgeous weather thrown in it was all too good to be true.

The gardens at Fanhams Hall were in magnificent condition for so early in the year and we took full advantage and made some truly fabulous pictures. From the late Spring blossom to the bright yellows of the daffodils nothing was left out! We even managed a superb set of sunset images towards the end of the day. What a perfect way to finish your album.

Enjoy these few images and please feel free to leave any comments.


 photo FanhamsHallweddings001_zpsf265ce84.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings002_zps31f170ba.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings003_zps02d726e9.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings004_zps876dd989.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings005_zpsf45ee235.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings006_zps2ca7d989.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings007_zpsca667314.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings008_zps00b147e8.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings009_zps60e98527.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings010_zps862daec2.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings011_zps2d208c51.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings012_zps35853fab.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings013_zps27a110c0.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings014_zps1e2f8532.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings015_zpsc4ed3d7e.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings016_zpsfe34a6d6.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings017_zps617809dc.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings018_zpsd3458e3e.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings019_zps6d6f607f.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings020_zps98f03c22.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings021_zps634310c2.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings022_zpsf7c2d795.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings026_zpsab83a0be.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings023_zpsfd6f8a7a.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings024_zpsa1e2d952.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings025_zpsba05b5aa.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings027_zps641cc4a7.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings028_zps596d0cb4.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings029_zps74c3ad76.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings030_zpsc420f50f.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings031_zps4243c23d.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings032_zps81361b6e.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings033_zpsb126eb0b.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings034_zpsb56f0ea0.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings035_zpsdb472526.jpg
 photo FanhamsHallweddings036_zpse763dc30.jpg

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