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Wednesday 15 September 2010

Newborn portraits in Hertfordshire | Baby Isabella Jasmine

How Cute is She?

This is baby Isabella Jasmine, new daughter to Nicola and Michael and sister to little Leon. She is a gorgeous little sleepy head, and at sixteen days old was just on the cusp of being able to get these shots.
I photographed Nicola and Michael's wedding day at the fabulous Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey a couple of years or so ago and now have had the pleasure of photographing both of their newborns. I love this part of the job, where you see two young people grow from a 'family' of two into three, then four and maybe.......? :-)

How privileged is this!

Here are a handful of images from Isabella's newborn session.

If you would like a newborn photography session contact Phil Lynch Photographer on 01438 243498 to book your appointment.

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I could not finish this post without sharing an image from 'big' bruv's newborn session that was shot a couple of years previously.
Baby portraits in Hertfordshire by Phil Lynch


  1. These shots are stunning! Absoulutely beautiful, and perfectly captured for Nicola and Michael.

  2. Thank you Faith

    Nicola, Michael and now Isabella and Leon are a dream combination to shoot for. Hard work getting there but the results are always top class.

  3. Beautiful and unique photos. Isabella is such a cutie!

  4. Wow, what lovely pictures they could be on the front of a card! Isabella looks so cute and it is lovely to see the one of Leon too, which I recognise from Nicola and Michael's house. Fantastic pictures and a lovely memory!

  5. brilliant photos especially love the first one so unique!! and looks like it is straight out of a gallery.
    I am sure with shots like these many more awards are coming your way

  6. These pictures are stunning, they really could be found in a card shop!
    Isabella is a natural and looks so relaxed.
    They are a gorgeous keepsake to have always.

    Sarah Lucas

  7. Wow. Stunning pics. Anne Geddes eat your heart out!

  8. These photo's are absolutely stunning - Isabella looks absolutely beautiful - each photo captures every little ounce of perfection. A fabulous way to capture such a precious memory - and an absolute joy to admire!

  9. Getting photos that perfectly capture your babies at such a young age is never going to be an easy task, Phil has managed this with both our bundles of joy. Nearly two years later we still look at the one of Leon and smile at how much he has grown up- I am sure we will do the same with those of Isabella! Great shots Phil, you never let us down and we look forward to many more years of working with you as our family grows up; no more newborns I am afraid!!

  10. Wow! Great comments folks. Thank you, all.

    "No more newborns I'm afraid...." We'll see:-)
    Either way, you have two gorgeous little models that will keep me busy in the years to come. See you for your viewing session on Wednesday guys.

  11. Am loving the photos, absolutely perfect, you've captured it exactly the way it is. Can't wait to see the new additions hanging on the wall. Fabulous photos that you can't help but say aww when seen. Brilliant to have captured both of them at such a young and precious age.

  12. WOW! Normally a picture doesn't fully capture what you want it to, but these do. If stunning, fabulous, individual, special and above all very cute are what you're wanting to achieve then you've certainly mastered that. They're out of this world and I look forward to seeing more. Well done Phil!
    Anita Louise Mayers

  13. Lovely words Anita. Thank you. You will make me blush and have a really, really big head :-)

  14. Wow, what can I say. I'm sure that when your children grow up and look at these pictures they will know how precious and important they are to you both. I think they are absolutely amazing! Phil you have capture such an amazing moment of both of them that nic and mike can keep forever, that must be a great feeling! Nicola and micheal you must be so proud. Love ros, dan and evie xxx

  15. Never got chance to thank you for the amazing pictures at the sculpture gallery,and now truely great pictures of Leon and Isabela. They bring tears to my eyes how you capture the moments and will bring many more i hope.

    Regards Nicks Dad

  16. Well with that in mind...I hope to make you cry more often....but in a nice way:-)

    Thank you.