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Monday 20 September 2010

Wedding photography at The Priory Barns, Little Wymondley | Kathryn & Kris | Sneak peek

Another sneak peek, this time from Kathryn and Kris's Friday's wedding at The Priory Barns, Little Wymondley. I have been so luck with the weather of late. rain has threatened at various points but I always seem to find the window of opportunity at the right time. Touch wood (probably jinxed myself now lol)!

Another great couple that were keen to try anything to pull off what are a fab set of wedding photographs. We were even lucky enough to squeeze in a few silhouette's and a little off camera flash right at the end of my coverage.

PhotobucketPriory Barns wedding photography photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer1_zps1c85c5ff.jpg
Wedding photography at Priory Barns photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer2_zpsde52b464.jpg
Wedding photography at Priory Barns, Wymondley photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer3_zps1d95fa5d.jpg
Wedding ceremony at Priory Barns, Wymondley photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer4_zps8aacde93.jpg
Bride and groom at Priory Barns photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer5_zps19c10992.jpg
Wedding photgraphy outside at Priory Barns Wymondley photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer6_zps160898f0.jpg
Wedding photograph of Priory Barns wedding photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer7_zps251f165c.jpg
Wedding photo at Priory Barns, Wymondley photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer8_zps33616f5d.jpg
Wedding couple at Priory Barns photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer9_zps4c141996.jpg
Detail shots at Priory Barns Wedding photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer10_zps2fa78f08.jpg
Sunset photograph at Priory Barns wedding photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer11_zpsa3dcea6c.jpg
  photo PrioryBarnsweddingPhilLynchPhotographer12_zps93dd0497.jpg

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